Year 2023, Volume 52, Issue 3

Effects of core stability training in physical performance: a review of the literature

Rodríguez S.


Introduction: core stability is the ability to control the position and movement of the trunk related to the pelvis through the production of force by the core muscles. Maintaining adequate strength in the core muscles is considered important in rehabilitation processes, for physical and sports performance, and to prevent injuries. Some studies have reported how core stability training can improve physical performance. However, other research questions whether core training can bring about positive changes. Objective: to identify the effects of core stability training on some physical performance variables such as power, speed, agility and balance. Material and methods: a bibliographic search was carried out in PubMed, SCOPUS, PEDro and EBSCO,additionally relevant manuscripts were identified from Google Scholarusing the search terms "Core Stability, Athletic Performance, and Resistance Training". Results: the core stability programs reported increases in the muscular power of the extremities, in the same way, they allowed to improve speed and agility in different athletic tests. Relatively few studies report effects on balance. However, these show promise for improving static and dynamic balance. Conclusion: core stability training is an effective strategy to improve physical performance, different professionals linked to sports and physical exercise can benefit from this strategy when they need to enhance physical performance by including programs of this nature in their periodizations and exercise planning.

Keywords: abdominal core, core stability, athletic performance.