Year 2023, Volume 52, Issue 3

Effects of therapeutic exercise in minor asmathic patients. A systematic review

Suárez-Pazos E, Justo-Cousiño LA, Alonso-Calvete A, González González Y, Da Cuña-Carrera I.


Introduction: asthma is the most common inflammatory disorder of the lower airways during childhood. It is manifested by dyspnea, expiratory flow limitation, wheezing and coughing. The aim of physiotherapy is to reduce the frequency of episodes and the intensity of symptoms, maintaining good ventilatory mechanics and avoiding overload of the respiratory musculature. Objective: to analyze the effects of therapeutic exercise in minor asthmatic patients in terms of improvement of asthma symptoms. Material and method: a literature search was performed in January 2022 in PubMed, PEDro, Cinahl, Medline, Scopus, Web of Science and LILACS. The descriptors \"Asthma\", \"Asthma/rehabilitation\", \"Asthma/therapy\", \"Exercise Therapy\" and \"Therapeutic Exercise\" were used, applying as inclusion criteria their publication in the last 10 years, that they were Randomized Clinical Trials, published in English or Spanish and that the patients were under 18 years of age. Results. eight valid articles were obtained after applying the eligibility criteria. The selected studies develop different physiotherapy interventions by means of therapeutic exercise in children and adolescents with asthma, with the aim of treating the disease. The variety of complementation of aerobic training with other types of training stands out; with aerobic training alone being the most commonly used technique. Conclusion: there is a great diversity in the application of therapeutic exercise in asthmatic patients under age, finding beneficial results in many of the variables, and controversy in other variables such as pulmonary function or quality of life.

Keywords: asthma, therapeutic exercise, adolescent, child.