Year 2018, Volume 47, Issue 3

Pelvic floor strengthening in non-specific lumbopelvic pain. Systematic review and meta-analysis

Manzano-Pérez A, Serrano-Imedio A.


Background: non-specific lumbopelvic pain is related to intra-abdominal pressure maintenance. Many studies have related the loss of intra-abdominal pressure to pelvic floor muscles low muscle tone. Objective: to learn the evidence available between pelvic floor strengthening and non-specific lumbopelvic pain. Material and method: a bibliographic research of the most important physiotherapy databases was carried out. After analysing the results, 4 articles were selected for the meta-analysis. Results: significant differences were founded in the disability of the groups (Oswestry scale) p = 0,01. Conclusions: more research on the introduction of pelvic floor strengthening in non-specific low back and pelvic girdle pain should be carried out, as it would be beneficial for its introduction in exercise programs to reduce disability.

Keywords: pelvic floor, low back pain, exercise, sacroiliac joint, muscle tonus, lumbosacral region.